Hello Land of the Rising Sun!

It’s not everyday that a reporter from Madame Figaro Japan emails me with questions about my company. I almost thought it was an alternate-reality fantasy. I mean, Japan IS a place of magic and mystery (in my mind). Anyway, it happened, thanks to Dara Furlow of With Love, from Brooklyn. Like the rest of the world, the Japanese are fascinated by “the Brooklyn brand” and Dara’s gift boxes contain many wonderful examples of Brooklyn-made foodstuffs.

The magazine isn’t available online, but here’s a shot of our bit:

According to a mostly-fluent Japanese-speaking friend, the paragraph about us reads:

The “Granola Lab” mission is to make both sweet and delicious granola. It is “created” by chef Alex in a small kitchen. Blended with oats and almonds, local honey and various spices, “Elemental Formula” is a perfect way to start the day. It is included in the Breakfast in Breukelen gift box ($65), or can be bought separately.

Here’s the first page of the article. Translators, start your engines!

2 years ago